• My son Frankie has been coming to Whitefields Stables for nearly 2 years now and in that time he has come on in leaps and bounds.

    The one on one attention he receives has really brought him on.

    Frankie will not miss his weekly lesson.

    And apart from the weekly lesson there are the camps which are held during the year. All of the camp help with different problems i.e. motor skills etc. But for me the best part of the camp is that the children have no idea that they are for helping them – they just have so much fun.

    Frankies fine motor skills have really improved from those camps and weekly lessons.

    Gillian Hanley

  • Chloe always enjoys her trips to Whitefields Stables.

    Previously, we had struggled to find an appropriate hobby for Chloe, 12, who has Down Syndrome.

    But at Whitefields she has found a hobby she enjoys and because it is on a one-to-one basis, it moves at exactly the right pace for her.

    Her confidence has soared, not to mention the other benefits like improved posture and balance, improved muscle tone, improved social skills.

    She has also gained an appreciation for animals.

    I would highly recommend Whitefields to everyone, especially those seeking a tailor-made programme for their child.

    Daphne Carroll

  • Our daughter has been a weekly visitor to Whitefields Stables since July 2013. We first heard about Whitefields after reading an ad in the paper advertising a summer camp for children and teenagers with the same ability as our daughter. Our first though was that the add was too good to be true , but how wrong we were.

    After a phone call we went to visit Whitefields and we were greeted with such friendship. Our daughter is non verbal , has a very short concentration span, likes to wonder off, has problems with fine and gross motor skills, and her posture both walking and sitting was not great. So one could understand why we were apprehensive in leaving our 9 year old with strangers.

    Move on a year and a half later and how things have changed for our daughter. I now take Laura out of the car and she walks into Whitefield by herself, she takes her pony by the reins to the arena and her posture while walking and sitting on the pony has improved so much.

    Our daughter engages so well with all at Whitefields and has no bother following simple instructions.

    During the summer of 2014 Laura attended summer camp, the joy in our hearts that our daughter could attend summer camp and be with her friends was something that we as parent’s thought we would never see. While at summer camp, Laura got to do such a range of activities, but most of all, Laura was with her friends and was independent of her family.

    Our daughters life has changed so much for the better since July 2013 and we are so happy we found  such a special place and such excellent people who own and run Whitefields.

    We are so proud of Laura and so proud of Whitefields .

    Hilary and Alan Maye