Animal Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy has long been credited to a multitude of benefits. Horses can have emotional and physical impacts on people with a variety of issues and needs.

A vast amount of studies have been carried out and Equine Assisted Therapy is now widely accepted as alternative form of Therapy by Medical Professionals, Physiotherapists and Psychologists.

The non- judgemental ability of the horse, makes it an ideal healer and listening ear for people with disabilities and emotional issues.

Healing through the Equine touch has been successfully used with patients suffering from Bereavement, convalescent patients after cancer treatment, amputation or brain injuries.

It has also been credited to the improvement of self- confidence to PTSD (Post Dramatic Stress Disorder) sufferers or patients recovering from addiction.

At Whitefields we can also include any of the other animals living on the farm into a Therapy Session.

Caring and minding animals is a very rewarding and satisfying form of Therapy.

We can tailor Sessions to individual needs and a session plan can be prepared.